Saturday, December 4, 2010

Appreciating Fridays

Near as I can tell, everyone loves Friday. Its our favorite day. Not the days we have off, no. Not the days we're at work and actually productive. Friday. The day we're at work and are already so completely sick of this shit we're sneaking out to drink away the pain. This is our favorite day. Fucking mystifying.

Saying that, I think I loved Friday too.

So now that I set my own schedule, really Friday no longer means anything. Hell, I took my weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and am working this weekend. I no longer feel that relief. All problems that could be exhaled away. Or, everything that's been a pain in your ass will be done today for sure. I am too nice a boss to enjoy Friday as an employee.

However, I miss Friday enough that I make the effort to still be excited. I make sure I give myself a deadline and not work Saturday morning. I get on Facebook and see updates about Friday, and I'm excited for my friends. I try to meet up with old co-workers.

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