Thursday, February 16, 2012

Then It Was Done, and Gone to Print

It took a week shy of three years, but Benthic is finally done.

So how did the last ten months of the project go? Well, around the time I stopped the blog I was no longer able to financially work on the book full time. I took two not-so-hot jobs and worked 70 hours a week for about three months to dig myself out of that particular hole, and during that time progress ground to a halt. Then, a few months ago, I started freelance studio managing and was able to get the ball rolling again. In December I set myself a tight production schedule, in order to have this to the printer in time to reapply for the Xeric. It's been nights of working until 3-4 AM, 4-5 nights a week, ever since.

I stuck with it.

I'll have the printer proofs back in early-to-mid March, and then the full run of books should here in late May or early June. Then? RELEASE PARTY. I'm also going to release the comic online as a webcomic, but that's still too early to say much more.

I feel awesome. Tonight, I will sleep the sleep of the righteous.