Monday, November 29, 2010

SHLPTE - A Brief History

I finished inking Issue 2 last week! Everything is scanned in and laid out in InDesign, I'm doing grayscale now (as well as penciling Issue 3). I should finish up lettering this weekend, and I'll post a link to a .pdf of the new issue next week.

My home and studio is in Astoria, NY in a fantastic apartment I share with great friends. My room has peach walls with a turquoise radiator, making the room look like a Mexican restaurant. My landlord, who picked these colors out, then purchased drapes for the apartment (which is entirely peach or that blue-purple Gamecube color) that are a beige/brown floral pattern with...wait for tassel fringe. I considered including photos, but someone might be eating. The woman in my life suggested they looked something out of Saddam Hussein's love palaces.

Thus, my room and studio is "Saddam Hussein's Love Palace and Taco Emporium." I just call it SHLPTE (pronouced 'shlup-tay'). I believe I am the mayor here on Foursquare. I do love the way it looks with a full wall of inked work on the magnetic boards.

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