Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broad Strokes

2011 has been, thus far, a year of computer issues that I in no way have had time to lose for. I'm currently on Loaner Computer #2, my own computer may very well be dead-dead, and therefore the inking demo I was going to post today is going to happen next week.

I've found in the last few months working on your own really boils down to two things; routine and self-respect. Not really in that order, since it takes self-respect to stay on the routine. Being unemployed, broke, and facing setbacks left and right - that can be a tough thing to maintain. I admittedly did not start this with the same mental toughness that I've found this requires. Actually, I think its fair to say that any success requires mental toughness. And coffee.

I started working out again a week or so ago as well, and thats been an amazing help. 15 minutes a day very well spent.

Chapter 5 is inked and rescanned too, and will probably get grayscale this weekend or early next week.

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